SSKV Alumni

Dear Alumni,

In line with our tradition of not mixing the boys and the girls in a co-educational pattern a separate Boys section was created. Since then, the thrust has been to create facilities and learning conditions comparable to the city Schools providing for semi urban children an ambience of well laid out classrooms, Laboratory and Library facilities, and Computer equipments.

While we are attending to their life skills and education, there are requirements like Speech Therapy. 16 of the children require speech therapy on a regular basis, and the parents find it difficult to travel to Porur from here for that purpose.

We could create a Fund for having a regular speech Therapist who can visit us periodically . It would benefit the children and also given additional training to the teachers.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, and asistance to offer in this regard, please write in these group mails, so that eventually we can arrive at a good solution that would help these children.

We look forward to your response:

*The Conjeevaram Hindu Education Society turned 100 in the year 2003, and it was time to get to the roots. The Governing Body of the society resolved to start the Alumni Association. For, an hundred years old organisation should be having enough following of individuals with enthusiasm and willingness to create and sustain support to the parent Organisation. Many alumni today are pillars of the school as Parents and Teachers and many serve in different professions touching the everyday business of the school. An informal Association of such individuals who gathered from time to time soon jelled into a structured Alumni group.

* The Association with Mrs Padhmalakshmi retired HeadMistress of the Seva sadhan, Chennai, as its first President ,also elected other office bearers; the association was informally inaugurated on :19.9.2003. Allumni Association