A separate building measuring 13,000 sq. ft., was constructed consisting 18 rooms for the primary purpose of housing the Montessori section of the school. However the buildings for the college were under construction, so the college had initially moved there. In the college, four U.G. Courses viz.,B. Com., B.C.A., B. Sc., (Computer Science) and B.Sc., (Maths) were introduced initially.

The formalities connected with starting of a college was completed early in 2006 but the permission for starting it was obtained only in 2007. The college started admission from July 2007 and thus started its journey as a member of the SSKV group. The sylvan atmosphere is formed to be ideally suited for educational activity.

Soon after starting , since the college building was not ready classes had to be accommodated in the new building put up for the Montessori classes. A fairly large construction covering 13000 square feet with all facilities in Colla Chathram street built in 2006 – 2007 had been planned for the use of the college until such camp the college building at Kilambi was ready.

In the college four courses namely B.Com., B.C.A., B.Sc.(Computer Science), and B.Sc.Maths were introduced initially. Since the permission for starting was given quite late we could not get the expected number of students to join. However the modest number of students who joined was viably enough to get ahead with the classes.