Dr. C. K. Raman, who was Treasurer during Dr. Ramamurthy’s tenure as Secretary, succeeded him. The task of modernizing the School providing it with facilities continued and greatly succeeded. In-house faculty training programme became a consistent feature; teachers as well as students are steadily exposed to the lectures and seminars from eminent mathematicians and men of Letters and Sciences.

The Music School was a new and unique addition to the SSKV’s bouquet and facilities added as enrichment to the learning imparted to students.

A choice of music lessons in Vocal. Veena, Percussions and Violin were made available to aspiring students at affordable costs through this section. This was inaugurated by our President Shri A R Jagannathan, a seasoned top ranking managerial person. Similarly, instititionalised Computer courses with short-term certificate modules both at the Matriculation and Higher Secondary were installed, benefiting the students as well as teachers, thus increasing the Schools’ own computer capabilities.

This management presided over by Sri A.R Jagannathan and with Sri T. N. Raghunathan as Vice President, Sri M .R. Vijayasankar as Treasurer, Dr. C. K. Raman as Secretary and Mrs. Umadevi as Joint Secretary would be deeply remembered for the care it has bestowed on true social obligations.

Most of the modern facilities that are needed for a school have been introduced. Besides a sophisticated computer centre, an audiovisual hall, a well equipped library with computer facilities, a bank’s extension counter, a well equipped conference hall, a stationery stall, a canteen providing nutritious food and innumerable other facilities were introduced during this period.

In our race ahead after excellence, the less endowed, the socially and educationally challenged are bound to be over taken. To avoid such an anomaly the Governing Body under Sri A R Jagannathan granted an allocation for a special learning centre with exclusive sanction of teachers to give extra attention to children needing remedial to specific learning disabilities. Begun in 1999, this section has satisfactorily addressed the needs of our own primary level children. Such students needing special attention have been nursed back to catch up with the rest at their own pace, regaining confidence and self-esteem.

Parental counselling is also being undertaken. Our Governing Body Members who are also at the lead positions in such City Schools like the P. S. School, the NKT College of Teachers Training and the Special Learning Centre of Saraswathi Kendra have extended generous and unstinting support of their organisations to our teachers for building up their skills, sensitising them to children’s needs. Scholarships are also being created to benefit children of low means but good merit.