1911, December 14.

This educational society formally registered itself as Conjeevaram Hindu Girls’ School Union. Sri Somasundara Sastriar was the first President, Sri.Ramanatha Sarma was Secretary; Sri.A.Ramaswamy Sastriar, Retired Sub-ordinate Judge and nephew of Sri. Somasundara Sastriar was the succeeding President, Sri.Ramanatha Sarma was responsible for the acquisition of land which paved the away for further development. He even prepared the first blueprint for the construction of 19 class rooms.

A thinking acetic Sri.Sarma had been a great devotee of Sri Narayana Guru during he Guru’s formative days and had made the Guru stay in Kancheepuram for some time. The school has thus been hallowed by the stay of the great seer. A deeply read person Sri.Sarma had a large circle of friends which included the famous leader, Dr.Annie Besant.