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Fidget Cube Tan e and Bai Yuehua two people in the bridal salon try on the dress, Wang Shiming did not appear in front of them, scared him a big jump, Bai Yuehua was calm, smiling to his blessing They also asked her to look like a wedding dress looks good, with their own unworthy, Wang Shiming s face on the spot on the black, eyes cold, in front of his face directly said You can not marry him. Woods all of a sudden to understand, Wang Shiming not to bless them, he is to marry Finally, it is easy to get up to three years old to become a family of woods all of anger, and on the spot ready to rush with his theory, to know that they are married on both sides, the law fidget cube insider can not stop, bad marriage is to be condemned of Who knows, he was too excited, and Bai Yuehua pulled him, he did not accidentally stepped on her skirt, the two directly hold toget.

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Fidget Cube Shopsman s face laughing, took Wang Shiming s card ran to do Procedures, call the friends of the ten minutes to do all right, and even fidget cube tan the license plate has nothing. Woods and even even the opportunity to touch other cars are not, was Wang Shiming carried home to go. On the road, the woods complained Wang Shiming why not look at several, BMW ah Mercedes Benz Han s more power and prestige ah, Wang Shiming told him that the BMW company has a, woods asked you to know that fidget cube tan the original king boss has two public Of the car, which is a BMW After a well known tea chain, Wang Shiming get off five or six pounds of tea, and spent thousands of ocean, the woods asked him why, was told that in addition fidget cube tan to the burden of home , The other fidget cube violet is to get the company to drink tea to the staff. Nima, the woods and mine was a mess in the wind, a rich place can not imitate the oolong tea. fidget cube dice After the reform and opening up, in the county people s tireless efforts, the tea industry is full of fidget cube tan vitality, become a pillar industry in A fidget cube tan county and the local residents to survive the main economic source, the tea is also gradually famous, world. Woods in the relatively flat terrain in the mountains outside the mountain, the two opened more than two fidget cube tan hours before the car to the mountain area, and toward an altitude of more than 1000 meters of high mountains. The woods at the foot of the mountain looked at more than eighteen bend on a lot of curved and steep and long Panshan Road began to turn fidget cube tan around the circle, although the Arab Israeli mountain fidget cube instructions road is the cement road, than some also No road to the mountains to take a lot of good, he still can not adapt to some. Ming Min.

Fidget Cube Tan called Her name. Again in front of her face called out the name, the feeling of woods is also very complex, both happy and lost, kind of this is yesterday s feeling. Perhaps, it is not so bad. Wang Shi ming in the side of the expressionless asked When do you go back How, so anxious to drive me to go Bai Yuehua gas hum said, Fortunately, I fidget cube tan was not your family s sugar coated shells attack, if married to you, I can ruin in this life This is for you keep your secret, is it not worth you to stay for me a few days Mody, what are you afraid of, that I affect your life, or worry about my snatched people fidget cube fuchsia you like Well, rest assured, I Will not stay too long, two days I will leave, will not affect your two love Wang Shiming Linzi Qian heart that embarrassing ah, always feel that three people this situation to be more strange.

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