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Fidget Cube News e back to send you. Woods thousands of music Oh Road. Wu fidget cube lemonchiffon Siyuan laughed You deliberately, our car than Shiming the plane early, so you come back, we are almost home. You do not want me to send it, wait, wait for me to come back chant. Did not expect Wang Shiming fidget cube shop also let people send, Liu Shuangping and Wu Siyuan did not dare to joke too much, with a few words after the woods expressed dissatisfaction after looking for another topic chat The next morning, when the woods have been waking up eight o fidget cube near me clock, Wang Shiming has finished washing in the next reading, Liu Shuangping and Wu Siyuan s bed is also not visible, apparently both got up and brush their fidget cube news teeth to go. I am fidget cube news sorry ah, you wait for me, immediately good. Woods hurriedly brush your teeth to wear clothes to take wallet, the whole process less than ten minutes, and.

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Fidget Cube Shoplooked at the woods thousands, eyes full of sincere school. Imagine, Wang Shiming had so extraordinary ah Linzi thousand suddenly blood boiling like a saint with the body, patted Wang Shiming s shoulder and hammer his chest, very happy to ensure that Do not worry, see you so sincere in fidget cube news the sake of your apprentice I accepted Hey, and finally you will not have fidget cube 3 pack a kid, ok, you have to learn, and then a good honor master ah. Wang Shiming nodded Well, then you move over, that fidget cube news room has been empty for you. Ah, the original you still remember this thing ah Hey, I said Wang Shiming students, you live in such a big house, must be very empty is very lonely miss our school s collective life, or how so cheap Haha, want to go with me two world you say it, so simple things, how could I not fidget cube in india promise you, is not it Haha s n t b Poor Wang S.o pay it All the property together with Wang Shiming account on a fraction of the people shameless road. I do not lose big Wang Shiming raised his mouth and asked. Rare each other will have this joking expression, woods looked fidget cube news at his little smile, happy said how could it, if not willing to your company, debt can also be debt, I will not hate you. Never seen not to pay the commission also asked to earn fidget cube springgreen the outstanding shameless customers, Wang Shiming by the woods of the rogue behavior to amusement, especially the last request for his rhetoric of meat, do not know who in the end who despise who. Nevertheless, Wang Shiming still like the rogue customer, as his private, could not help but nodded his head with a smile Yes, promising. Of course, who is the brother God special fidget cube news blessing of the people, or how will encounter you, you.

Fidget Cube News ndly, we must control their own eyes, do not exposed. Hello, may I ask fidget cube news how the chairman of the board to go They crossed the elevator, the woods to the front desk asked. The front of the young girl stood up, very respectful and said Mr. Lin is right Go left, go straight, after that conference room, turn right is that the directors have been waiting in the office. Yes, thank you. Linzi Qian smiled and thanked, and turned to Lu Ying Road, Lu sister, we go in it. Lu Ying nodded, with the woods in the thousand, into the company s door, an instant disappeared in front of the staff in front, this time, this beautiful front desk is still thinking, the chairman just like a person will come to him, How to become two 3 30 is not going to have to open, the two men fidget cube news visit this time, do not know what, very few people will not be able to di.

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