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Fidget Cube Gainsboro tment of the look at him, see him look directly at himself, the eyes fidget cube gainsboro of the cold forced, I do not know how suddenly a little guilty, not Samsam, no backbone, dry asked what s up Wang Shiming in the woods thousand disturbed eyes, stretched out his hand, cold face handed copies of copies of information to him in front of him. Woods thousands of his hands to see the information when the eyes light up, and then fidget cube gainsboro looked at him suspiciously, pointing to himself asked give me Wang Shiming seems a little intolerant, eyebrows to see him Do not To To How could not Woods see fidget cube gainsboro him to take back, busy grab a past in his arms, fidget cube gainsboro looked up and said to him, Thank you. fidget cube gainsboro Wang Shiming ah soon turned around and went to sit in front of their own computer to knock to play, do not know what is busy. No time, Liu Shuangping and Wu Siyuan finished class b.

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Fidget Cube Shopess refusal, sophomore began he can only give up the ice fidget cube seashell action, as they began to Wang Shiming cold high pressure frightened Of the live, then this is the woods suddenly take things too hard, and began to restore the dog like, and arrogant and humble in the shape, and let them incredible is fidget cube orange the change of the attitude of the iceberg of Wang Shiming, really changed Oh pro, simply appalling The brothers and sisters, are you not curious And listen to them carefully Wang Shiming said the next day to follow them with the normal get out of class, fidget cube gainsboro the woods thousands of private with their table regret, said Wang Shiming sick when more cute ah, how to blame and began to domineering side of the leak it. lovely Think of the woods of the attentive people to come back to buy food waiting for the time when Wang Shiming made all of.close to this person. Regardless of rebirth or rebirth, in fact, everything can not complain Wang Shiming, it can fidget cube gainsboro only blame themselves. Wang Shiming was rubbing his ears red, the body began to stiff, busy open the woods thousands, said If it is me Oh, then let Liu Shuangping admitted to the bad luck to go, he must do a bad thing, mess with you. Hei hei, but after this little thing, we do not care about him, angry and more wounded ah, Is not it, to the brother laugh a thing woods thousands of pushed after still wrapped around Wang Shiming, breaking his face, carrying his chin molested Road. Wang Shiming forced his claws, his white fidget cube gainsboro one, won his bed sheets and quilt, ready to wash, passing the woods when the bed was also aimed at his mess of a bed. Linzi see him to his bed aim, big music hey, world Ming children shoes, you fidget toys spinner are.

Fidget Cube Gainsboro in the B city opened two tea shops, Xiaozi that three restaurants ready to transfer the fidget cube goldenrod hotel, Mao Mao came back with the people opened the company to protect the company, lost two years, recently began to make money, are good with it. Speaking, Xiao order a fidget cube Zi Lian high school did not finish it, we five people also you a person on the university, and now you go to the dog feces also graduated, alas. I do not say these, come, I teach you to open Taobao shop, complete the task of my early down the mountain, the family also eat dinner. Linzi thousand will be People pulled to the computer before, so Yang Yiqiang sat down, standing behind him ready to start his hand to teach him. Not for a while, Yang Yiqiang cousin came to see, jumping and jumping over the past to pull the woods of the hand sub brother, you teach me to open shop ah Li.

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