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Fidget Cube 3 Pack n of Wang Shiming could not help but refused to hurt, lying on the bed, take the foot kicked iron bed Wang Shiming look at the black line looked at the woods struggling fidget cube 3 pack look in bed, hand covered his sweaty abdomen, sticky, compact, flexible, there is a kind of ulterior touch, looking at him Light bare upper body, bright red two points, flat abdomen, extended to fidget cube early bird the waist of the waist, Wang Shiming deep eyes could not help but more deep, the strength of the hands of the less uniform. Ha, good, good This, it can be. Woods could not help but push Wang Shiming hand, sit up and rub the sweat on his forehead. After such a naughty, he did not know how to face Wang Shiming fidget cube 3 pack this bastard Full of grievances suddenly disappeared without a trace of woods really do not dare to see Wang Shiming one, only in the heart cursed himsel.

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Fidget Cube Shopdo not want to cook to let Wang Shiming do some of the food he taught, so the woods once again met Wang Shiming amazing Of the learning ability, almost he looked at their own dishes done again, Wang Shiming can all the steps down, and the taste is also very well grasped, fidget cube 3 pack made a few times after the taste is almost lost in his do. So after two weeks, the woods depressed found himself spent nearly half a year to learn the cooking has been master Wang Shiming, and the other is also very studious to fidget cube yellowgreen buy a few recipes research, taste better and better, he used to Proud of the cooking began in front of this person eclipsed But the woods of the depressed and did not last for a long time, after all, two people live together, Wang Shiming will cook more things on behalf of their own more palatable, watching the usual cold peo.fact Well, which girl so sturdy ah, not graduated to invite boys cohabitation, do not you responsible for where you in the end where Fishing sister, if the sudden life can be how to do Drain Zhao Ka patted the child s shoulder to interrupt his words, a look yin swing asked. Woods were interrupted, the fidget cube antsy lab most important two words male did not succeed to speak, just to say he is how the man flow , Then Hu Li suddenly some sad to the woods I have not thought you fidget cube for press release were such a person, and I fidget cube 3 pack was disappointed with you. o ah Woods stunned, looking disappointed face turned away, and asked Zhao Kai, Hu Li Gang said she was very disappointed to me, why Because you are not as fidget cube 3 pack good as animals If you did not like you, how could she be disappointed fidget cube peachpuff with you Zhao Kai white at him, ran to catch Hu Li, hey, he showed the opportunity to come. But.

Fidget Cube 3 Pack f rubbing rubbing two, his hand comfortably patted his back, said take a bath to relax, Want to eat together. Oh, the woods of this should be a cry, and fidget cube 3 pack asked, Ming Ming, why we are so warm ah, do not mind we together Do you want everyone to object Yes, it is very strange, if you go to my house, I am afraid you may be subject to wrong. Ming Ming, do you long ago at home out of the cabinet, also get forgiven fidget cube magenta No. That woods have to ask, Wang Shiming has been from the closet to find out two sets of clothes, one of them into his arms, and then went to the bathroom. Woods thousands of clothes holding the clothes silly stood for a while to catch up, into the time when Wang Shiming has been naked, is fidget cube 3 pack back to him standing on the shower under the twist switch, and then turned and asked What do you come with Wash together, fas.

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