SSKV Alumni

*The Conjeevaram Hindu Education Society turned 100 in the year 2003, and it was time to get to the roots. The Governing Body of the society resolved to start the Alumni Association. For, an hundred years old organisation should be having enough following of individuals with enthusiasm and willingness to create and sustain support to the parent Organisation. Many alumni today are pillars of the school as Parents and Teachers and many serve in different professions touching the everyday business of the school. An informal Association of such individuals who gathered from time to time soon jelled into a structured Alumni group.

* The Association with Mrs Padhmalakshmi retired HeadMistress of the Seva sadhan, Chennai, as its first Prsident ,also elected other office bearers; the association was informally inaugurated on :19.9.2003. Allumni Association

From Left to Right Secretary Mrs. R. Vijayalakshmi, Vice President Mrs. K. Malathy, President Mrs.M. Padmalakshmi and Treasurer Mrs. S. Bagyalakshmi

Since then the interest of the growing number of allumni and friends of the Association,has been motivational in their participation in the activities of the parent Organisation .Already 10 years old,the key to its success is, the ability of its leaders to motivate others to join and participate.
The Association h as for its purpose. The fostering of a spirit of loyalty and promoting the general welfare of the parent organization. The Alumni association has been supporting the parent organization’s goals. Its activities include helping the indigent children with scholarships, and augumenting the fecilities in noon meal centre.